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Introduction :
The most accurate measurement of extremely small quantities rely on a precision instrument called an Electromagnetic sensor-based analytical weighing balance. Analytical Weighing balances are essential as well as a primary piece of equipment for any laboratory. Such high-resolution weighing balances are now indigenously developed, designed and manufactured by PHOENIX in India. Thesebalances are characterized by their ability to measure the weight of small objects to an extremely granular degree, having weighing accuracies ofupto 0.1 mg! These are an essential equipment in many laboratories, Pharmaceutical companies, jewellery weighing, industries,etc. Accuracy coupled with excellent stability, repeatability and elegant design and UI, PHOENIX NLB Weighing Balances are the preferred choice for accurate weighing.

How does an analytic balance work ?
Analytical balances measure the force needed to counter the mass of a sample rather than using actual masses. They use an electromagnet to generate a force to counter the sample and output the result by measuring the force needed to achieve balance. The measuring pan of an analytical balance (0.1 mg) is inside a transparent enclosure with wind shields, so environmental influences are blocked. That means dust does not collect and any air currents in the room do not affect the weighing performance.

Features and Application of analytic weighing balance
Analytical weighing balances usually come with many features and functions. Most of them have counting applications, for example.These can be useful in counting pills, ingredients or very small pieces. Dynamic weighing is also very useful, as it allows lab professionals to weigh unstable samples such as liquids, medicines, etc. Gram, Carat, GSM measurement, Percentage weighing allows for quicker, more efficient formulation, and is quite handy for all industrial applications.

Some of the features of our weighing balances are as below: • Electromagnetic sensor-based analytical weighing balance. • Indigenously developed, designed and manufactured in India. • Very high-resolution technology. • 7 digit LCD display with backlight. • 10-key feather-touch keyboard. • Gram, carat, counting, percentage and GSM measurement. • Memory accumulation feature. • Sturdy aluminium die-casted body

Applications: • Laboratories • Pharmaceutical companies • Jewellery weighing • Industries

Available models : Models Capacity Accuracy Platter Size NLB-604 60 g 0.1 mg 82 mm dia NLB-1204 120 g 0.1 mg 82 mm dia NLB-2003 200 g 1 mg 100 mm dia NLB-3003 300 g 1 mg 100 mm dia NLB-4003 400 g 1 mg 100 mm dia NLB-5003 500 g 1 mg 100 mm dia NLB-12002 1.2 kg 10 mg 160 mm dia NLB-20002 2 kg 10 mg 160 mm dia NLB-30002 3 kg 10 mg 160 mm dia

Accessories : • Windshield with toughened glass. • Extra display with detachable cable at 3 meters • Computer/Printer interface (RS-232C). • Thermal printer (With adapter) • Wireless RF display. • USB host port to write data to pen drive. • USB device port. • RTC (Real Time Clock). • Bluetooth with an Android app.

Use PHOENIX Analytical Weighing Balance for accurate weighing!

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