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The personal weighing scale is one of the most reliable and handy product that it can be used in our daily lives. With the perfect technology and unmatched accuracy, the weighing scales from PHOENIX offers the users the best value and an amazing list of features.

Digital personal weighing scale is an ideal choice for the buyers. Especially it popular among the buyers who are looking to have an accurate and reliable personal weighing scale for their home. Apart from having a lightweight attractive design, Phoenix weighing scale also offers a great digital display which bright enough to be used at any time of the day and under any lighting situation.

Phoenix Person Weighing Scale (PAS-N Series) is available in 150kg Capacity and 0.1 Kg accuracy. User can easily stand on the Platform of the scale. (Platform size is 315X315 mm). It has Red LED Seven Segment Display. The Scale works on 2 AA Size pencil cells. The scale is made up of sturdy MS Body. Our scale comes with 1 year of manufacturer warranty.

This digital weighing machine comes with sensors that provide perfect accuracy at the time of taking weight. It is always advised to use this device on a flat service so that there are no issues at the time of taking the weight.

The Phoenix weighing scale is accurate, reliable easy to weigh for object volume and mass.

In all, if you were looking to buy a highly reliable and accurate weighing scale, this scale from PHOENIX Person weighing scale would be a worthy item to consider in the price range.