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Shopkeepers know the importance of weighing scales in their stores, but a helping hand when choosing the right scale for your needs is always appreciated.

PHOENIX Table top Scale NPW Series is portable, battery powered and have front and rear displays so product weight and price details can be seen by both the customer and operator. The technology used to make these scales ensures accurate weighing and perfect display with exact computing. A great variety is available in these scales through several models of different capacities, accuracies, pan-sizes and classes. All of these accurately designed scales have protected internal calibration, easy to operate key-size and robust making. Table Top Scales are specifically made to meet all kinds of weighing needs in the most convenient and precise manner.

All the accessories combined with the main features, make table top weighing scales very effective and convenient. Some other accessories which you get with the Phoenix Table top NPW Series are:

  • On-machine rear-side display: With on machine rear side both the customer as well the seller can see the weight of the product which also maintains the trustworthiness of the seller.
  • Rod-type display: Weighing Scale can be provided Rod Type Extra LED Display. This display is available in red and green colours and displays the weight on the scale.
  • Wireless display RF (red/green): User can also have a wireless extra display as accessory. This display is available in red and green colours and displays the weight on the scale.
  • 3-LED: NPW can be provided with a unique feature of Check Weigher with 3 LED indications. The Weighing Scale compares the current weight with the preset weight and provides Visual and Audio Indications to help the user to pack accurately and speedily. Same feature is useful to verify and sort out pre-packed commodities on weight basis. Red – Green – Blue LED combination with audible buzzer provides ease of operation for the user.
  • USB Device Port: NPW can be provided with a USB Device Port with the help of which user can connect the weighing scale to computer for transfer of data.
  • USB Host Port: NPW can be provided with a USB Host Port with the help of which user can insert pen drive and copy weighing data from weighing scale on it.
  • In-built rechargeable battery: With inbuilt rechargeable battery, the user can carry out weighing operations even when there is no electric supply. The weighing scale runs on battery which gets recharged when power supply is given.
  • Adaptor Box with Battery: Adaptor Box is an External Battery with Charger. This can be connected to the scale externally. The scale can be used when electricity is not available. The Adaptor Box can be disconnected and charged as it is portable.
  • Phoenix Bluetooth App: Phoenix Bluetooth APP is an Android APP that can connect to your Phoenix weighing scale that has Bluetooth technology. It simulates the complete front panel of the weighing scale on your mobile screen. User can see the live weight on his/her mobile screen as well as operate the keyboard of weighing scale from mobile phone. This APP is available for free on the Play store by the name ‘Phoenix Weighing Scale’.
  • Phoenix Batch Scale App: Phoenix Batch Scale App can connect to any of your Phoenix weighing scales via BLE Bluetooth technology. Using this app, you can transfer the files containing detailed record of weighments made using the scale, to your mobile phone. These files can be further shared in excel/pdf/text format from your mobile phone. The user may also use this app as a remote real-time display and remote controller for Phoenix weighing scales.
  • Phoenix 3-LED app: Phoenix 3-LED App can connect to any compatible Phoenix weighing scale via BLE Bluetooth technology. Using this app, user can see the comparison between current weight and preset weight by 3 LEDs in the App: RED – HIGH weight; GREEN – CORRECT weight; BLUE – LOW weight. The weight comparison can also be seen on the indicator of the weighing scale. The detailed weighment records with ‘HIGH’, ‘CORRECT’ or ‘LOW’ tags can be transferred to the user’s mobile phone by bluetooth, using this app. These records can be further shared in excel/pdf/text format from your mobile phone.
  • Thermal Printer: Thermal Printer can be connected with the scale and the required data can be printed easily. The Printer is available with separate Adaptor for Power Supply. It is small in size and portable.
  • Solar Panel with Stand: Solar Panel with Stand is a type of Power Supply that is compatible with Weighing Scale. This can also be used to charge the battery inside the weighing scale. Solar panel is fitted on the stand and this should be placed in sunlight. Solar panel is provided with a connector that is to be inserted in weighing scale.

Phoenix NPW Table Top Scales are most useful, handy, sturdy and easy to use. These weighing scales require less space. Besides they are powder coated and thus have a fantastic finish to place on the counter. Most importantly, weighing on these scales is to the minuscule point and hence accurate.

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