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The popularity of digitized POS systems in the retail and hospitality industry is growing rapidly. Businesses are switching from the primitive cash registers to digital machines every day due to their multi-faceted advantages and Phoenix NPC-N Series is one of them. NPC-N is our Price Computing and billing weighing scale with Item code functionalities. It is a digital or electronic weighing cum billing machine consists of a weighing platter, display, bill printer, barcode printer, and other accessories. While a cash register can do the job just fine, NPC-N Series is richer in features and advantages that help in improving your sales and customer services.


The main Features of Phoenix table top: NEW Series scales

  • The data of 1000 items can be stored in the scale with their name, item code, Unit price, expiry days & wt. /qty. This record can be entered using the scale’s keyboard or can be downloaded from the computer.
  • It has 16-digit bright LED display which shows the Item number, unit price, weight, total price and item name.
  • The user can also customize the barcode sticker design and select the proper barcode type.
  • This scale also comes with a bill printing feature. In a single bill from the scale up to 200 items can be billed and print directly. It also keeps data of pre-packed items which can be added in the bill. The user can also select the type of printer for printing the bill. For the convenience of the seller name and address of the shop can also be printed on the bill.
  • These machines are easy to use and your employees can learn to operate them in very less time. Since these machines let you edit entries, any accidental error can be rectified immediately.

Some other Key Feature NPC-N Series are:

  • With a single key press you can recall the frequently sold items. Assign 1 to 9 numbers to those items and press the key little longer to recall the item data.
  • Accumulated commodity-wise records can also be printed.
  • Weight data can be continuously transferred to the computer. We also provide a CD which has the suitable program.
  • Compatible with HDPOS software which adds and enhances the features.
  • There is a ‘HOLD’ function for locking the display of weight.
  • There is a function of auto data storage and auto memory clear available.
  • It comes with a 36-key alphanumeric keyboard and indications for AC ON, Net/Gross weight, Battery, Battery Low, making the UI easy to use.
  • This is also available in Platform scales.

Digital POS systems are available with different software and hardware to suit the needs of different businesses. The common areas where digital POS is widely used are-

  • Supermarkets.
  • Meat shops.
  • Sweets/Cake shops.
  • Grocery stores.

PHEONIX NPC-N Series comes with a host of useful accessories which makes it more simple and easy to use.

  • Bright Green LED display.
  • Rod type display.
  • 6V, 4 AH rechargeable SMF Battery.
  • 7.4V, 1.5AH Li-ion battery with charger.
  • Computer-Printer interface.
  • Real-time clock.
  • USB Port
  • Solar Panel

Do you not have a digital weighing cum billing machine in your store yet? You can easily find many digital billing systems suppliers online and browse through their product catalogues to find the system that suits your preferences and budget. Since there are many suppliers offering these products, you would have no problem finding your ideal machines at affordable prices. And if you are still confused contact Phoenix now!