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Phoenix 3-LED App can connect to any compatible Phoenix weighing scale via BLE Bluetooth technology. Using this app, user can see the comparison between current weight and preset weight by 3 LEDs in the App: RED – HIGH weight; GREEN – CORRECT weight; BLUE – LOW weight. For example, if the preset weight range is ‘8 to 10 kg’, the BLUE LED will be on till the weight on the weighing scale is lesser than 8 kgs, indicating LOW weight. When the weight is between 8 to 10 kgs, the GREEN LED will be on, indiacating CORRECT weight. Once the weight increases more than 10 kgs, the RED LED will be on indicating HIGH weight. This weight comparison can also be seen on the indicator of the weighing scale.

The detailed weighment records with ‘HIGH’, ‘CORRECT’ or ‘LOW’ tags can be transferred to the user’s mobile phone by bluetooth, using this app. These records can be further shared in excel/pdf/text format from your mobile phone.

The user may also use this app as a remote real-time display and remote controller for Phoenix weighing scales. This app is extremely suitable for filling, packing and check-weighing applications.

The ‘Phoenix 3-LED Scale App’ is available for free on the Google Playstore. This app is compatible with Phoenix NPW, NEW and NEP 3-LED scales and works with Android version 4.4.1 (Kitkat) and above. You can download this app from here.