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New weighing scale launched - NW Model

Introducing the latest innovation from Nitiraj Engineers Ltd. – the NW model electronic weighing scale! With a weighing capacity of 8/20 kilograms and an impressive accuracy of 1/2 grams, the NW model caters to diverse weighing needs with utmost precision and reliability.

What sets the NW model apart is its thoughtful design features. The model comes with a main LCD display and an extra LCD display at the backside of the machine, ensuring clear visibility from multiple angles and enhancing user convenience. This dual-display system makes it easy for both the user and the customer to see the weight simultaneously.

Equipped with a high-performance in-built Li-Ion battery, the PHOENIX NW model offers extended operational life, reducing downtime caused by power failure. Charging the battery is effortless thanks to the USB C-type connector provided for battery charging, which allows users to conveniently charge the scale using their own mobile phone chargers. This innovative feature eliminates the need for dedicated adaptors, offering unparalleled flexibility and convenience.

As part of the renowned PHOENIX brand, synonymous with excellence in the electronic weighing industry in India, the NW model embodies quality, reliability, and innovation. Upgrade to the NW model today and experience weighing convenience like never before.

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