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3 LED Check weigher

In our latest exploration into cutting-edge technology, let’s delve into the world of 3-LED check weigher machines. These devices are revolutionizing the speed and efficiency of weight measurement in various industries. In this blog, we unravel the features, benefits, and the impact PHOENIX weighing scale indicators can have on your packaging processes.


Salient Features

  • Reference Weight Preset: Users can easily preset the reference weight for packing or check weighing applications.

  • Acceptable Weight Range: Define acceptable weight ranges with lower and higher limits for precise control.

  • User-Friendly Settings: Simple configuration through a user-friendly keyboard for ease of use.

  • LED Indicators: Instant comparison between current weight and preset weight(s) using three large LEDs:
    BLUE for low weight
    GREEN for OK weight
    RED for high weight

  • Audio Indications: Customize audio indications corresponding to the three LEDs for additional feedback.

  • Auto Memory Addition: Automatic memory addition function for OK weight, enhancing efficiency.

  • Bright LED Display: Clear and visible weight display with bright LED display.

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Demo Video :

Check out PHOENIX 3 LED check weigher system demo video here :


Applications :

Food Packing:

In a food processing plant, a checkweigher with LED indicators can be used to ensure that packaged food items meet specified weight requirements.

Green LED: This could indicate that the item’s weight is within the acceptable range. When the green LED lights up, it signals that the product meets the desired weight criteria.

Blue LED: The red LED indicates that the weight of the item placed is lesser that the specified weight range. The operator needs to add more quantity until the Blue LED changes to green, which indicates that the placed item is within the OK weight range.

Red LED: This LED is used to signify a that the weight on the machine is higher than the specified allowed weight range. The operator understands that some amount needs to be removed in order to enter the OK weight range.

These LEDs provide a quick visual indication, making it easy for operators to assess the weight of items on the go.

The check weigher system itself includes sensors to measure the weight, and a control system to process the data and activate the appropriate LED based on the weight category.


Conclusion :

PHOENIX check weigher with 3 LEDs enhances efficiency by providing a clear and immediate indication of the weight status of items, helping to streamline the weighing and packaging process and ensure quick and accurate packaging.

Special Application Indicator

3 LED Check Weigher

Special Application Indicator

3 LED Check Weigher

Salient Features

  • User can preset the reference weight for packing or check weighing applications.
  • Acceptable range of weights can also be defined in terms of lower and higher limits.
  • Setting can be done easily using user friendly keyboard.
  • Comparison between current weight and preset weight(s) is indicated using 3 big LEDs:
    • BLUE – low weight
    • GREEN – OK weight
    • RED – HIGH weight
  • User can also set 3 different audio indications corresponding to the 3 LEDs.
  • Auto memory addition function of OK weight is also available.
  • Bright red/green/blue LED display to show the weight.
  • Note: This indicator is available only as an accessory with our platform weighing scales.