1. Phoenix Batch Scale App

Phoenix Batch Scale App is an Android based app which connects to any compatible Phoenix weighing scale via Bluetooth. On pairing, you can see the real-time display of the scale on your mobile screen and also operate the keyboard of the Phoenix weighing scale through your mobile phone. Hence the user can use his/her mobile phone as a remote real-time display and a remote controller for Phoenix Weighing Scales. Additionally, through this app, you can also get the detailed report of every weighment done on the scale, to your mobile phone. This report can be either a batch-wise report or a total sum report. All these operations can be done remotely over a distance of 20-40 feet from the weighing scale! Once the report is received on your mobile phone, you can share it further in excel/pdf/text format via Email, Whatsapp, SMS, SHAREit and other similar apps. Phoenix Batch Scale App is compatible with Android version 4.4 (KitKat) and above and is available for free on the Playstore

2. SMART Model

We have redefined our SMART Series model and launched the all new SMART# series! The top cabinet and stickers are with a new and more attractive look. This model will now use our regular 6V 4AH battery. It is available with all present combinations of capacities and accuracies. All accessories like on machine display, rod type display, abs bowl etc. are available with the machine. We will also provide Bluetooth with Android App, Wireless RF Display and Batch Memory Accessories in this model.

Posted Date : 01-August-2017