Phoenix has launched Smart Video Door Phones under Home Automation products!

The Phoenix TechnoBell-101 is a WiFi based video doorbell that is to be installed on your home's main door. This smart doorbell achieves a video call with the home owner on his/her mobile phone whenever any visitor presses the doorbell. The owner can see and talk to the visitor right from mobile phone and can also unlock his door for the visitor by a click on the mobile phone.

Posted Date : 18-July-2018

Phoenix has launched the 'Phoenix 3-LED Scale' App. This app is most suitable for filling, packing and check-weighing applications.

The Phoenix 3-LED app is compatible with Phoenix NPW, NEW and NEP series weighing scales with 3-LED and Bluetooth features. Using this app, user can see the comparison between current weight and preset weight via 3 LED indications in the App: RED - HIGH weight; GREEN - CORRECT weight; BLUE - LOW weight. These 3 big LEDs are also present on the indicator of the Phoenix weighing scale.

Posted Date : 08-July-2018

Phoenix has launched �Mix Note Value Counting machine� (PVC-101), specially developed and designed for Indian currency.

This machine counts mixed currency notes with high speed (>1000 notes/min) and high accuracy. It shows number of notes, denomination-wise counted notes and also the total value. It automatically detects faulty/counterfeit notes using UV, MG, IR, 3D and Colour detection while counting.

Posted Date : 20-June-2018

Phoenix is introducing the all new Person Scale with Bluetooth technology and Mobile app!

This Person Scale (PAS-160 BT Scale) is available in 160kg Capacity and 100g accuracy. User can easily stand on the Platform of the scale. (Platform size is 315X300mm). It has Red LED Seven Segment Display. The Scale works on 2 AA Size cells (Pencil Cells) and AC Adaptor. Pencil Cells and Adaptor are provided with the Scale. The scale is made up of sturdy MS Body.

Posted Date : 11-January-2018

1. Phoenix Batch Scale App

Phoenix Batch Scale App is an Android based app which connects to any compatible Phoenix weighing scale via Bluetooth. On pairing, you can see the real-time display of the scale on your mobile screen and also operate the keyboard of the Phoenix weighing scale through your mobile phone. Hence the user can use his/her mobile phone as a remote real-time display and a remote controller for Phoenix Weighing Scales. Additionally, through this app, you can also get the detailed report of every weighment done on the scale, to your mobile phone. This report can be either a batch-wise report or a total sum report. All these operations can be done remotely over a distance of 20-40 feet from the weighing scale! Once the report is received on your mobile phone, you can share it further in excel/pdf/text format via Email, Whatsapp, SMS, SHAREit and other similar apps. Phoenix Batch Scale App is compatible with Android version 4.4 (KitKat) and above and is available for free on the Playstore

2. SMART Model

We have redefined our SMART Series model and launched the all new SMART# series! The top cabinet and stickers are with a new and more attractive look. This model will now use our regular 6V 4AH battery. It is available with all present combinations of capacities and accuracies. All accessories like on machine display, rod type display, abs bowl etc. are available with the machine. We will also provide Bluetooth with Android App, Wireless RF Display and Batch Memory Accessories in this model.

Posted Date : 01-August-2017

On July 1, 2017, government of India introduced a completely new taxation system for all businesses. At Hyper Drive we provide you business management solutions and hence we have come up with significant modification in all our business management products to help you implement GST.

There are some areas of GST tax return filing which fall out of scope of our product functionality. And there are other area which we implement with various detail levels in our products.

In this article we will try to explain to you how our products implement various aspects of GST. Please note that our discussion here is purely based on our product functionalities and how it works with regards to GST implementation. This article is not about comprehensive explanation of GST, for complete understanding of GST taxation and how to implement it perfectly for your business you will need to consult your tax advisor.

Our products provide you with three options for GST implementation.

  • NO GST: This option is specifically for our international customers or any other customers who wish to not specify any data in the system specific to India GST.
  • GST compliance warnings: This option allows you to continue to do your transactions even if they are not exactly filling the GST guidelines. Our system will warn you in such events but will still allow you to continue with your transactions. ( this is the default setting).
  • GST compliance errors: If this option is selected you will not be able to complete any transactions that will not fulfill basic GST requirements.
Posted Date : 17-August-2017