Gold Series

Gold Series VFD

Silver Smart Series

Silver NPW Series

Smart Series

NPW Series

NEW Series

NE Series

NES Series

Smart# Series

NPC Series

NPC-N Series

NEP (PC) Series

NEP (PC-N) Series

NEC Series

NEP (C) Series

NEP Series

NEP Series (Four Load Cells)

Wireless Platform (Without Loadcell Wire)

Bench Scale: NBW Series

Bench Scale: PBW Series

3 LED Check Weigher

LCD with Backlight

USB Host Port

IR Remote

Inbuilt Thermal Printer

Cute Indicator

Large LED Display

PHS Series

PHS - # Series

NHS Series

NHS Series Crane

PHS# with Backlight

Palette Truck: PPT Series

Milk Weighing System:NMW Series

Weigh Bridge: WB Series

NBY Series

PBY Series

CGMS Series

EPGM Series

PPS Series

PPS-BMI Series

PAS-BT Series

PAS Series

PAS-BMI Series

PPS-120 BMI Series

PPS-120 BMI (with Baby Bowl) Series

NEP - PW Series

NEP - PWCP Series

3 - in -1 Series

NKS Series





PFM - 101

PFM - 102

3 in 1 Extra Display

3 in 1 Wireless Extra Display

ABS Bowl

Adaptor Box with Battery

Additional Detachable Display

Crane Scale RF Inbuilt Printer Indicator

Crane Scale Wireless RF Extra Display

Crane Scale Wireless RF Jumbo Display

Detachable Display Green Wireless Platform

Detachable Display Red Wireless Platform

Detachable rod with indicator

Electronic Door Lock

Extra Display

Extra Display PLNC

GOLD Extra Display with Wire

GOLD Rear Side Display

Gold VFD Series Rear Side

GOLD VFD Wind Shield

Gold Wind Shield

GOLD Wireless RF Extra Display